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Harassment eLearning

Protect your company with the best in online harassment training, compliant with AB-1825 and all other state training requirements. Projections' "Harassment in the Workplace" eLearning and DVDs present powerful hypothetical harassment scenarios, interactive training activities that assess comprehension, and on-screen narration that reinforces a harassment-free workplace. Fully customizable, Projections' Harassment eLearning educates every employee, and every supervisor, about every form of Harassment. With user-controlled closed captioning, availability in Spanish, full and robust compliance reporting and more, Projections' award-winning "Harassment in the Workplace" will meet and exceed your harassment training needs.

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The Learner Experience

Projections' unique eLearning method makes training entertaining and easier to understand, and explains how to handle the sensitive issues of harassment. With clearly understood graphics and a "forced learning" approach that keeps the learner working until they understand the material, no other Harassment Training resource provides the same level of engagement.

The Projections' eLearning program is simple to navigate. Learners see diversity in all video examples, both with regard to the environments depicted and the employees in the scenarios. Employers can customize the learning experience by adding links to their individual anti-harassment policy as well as other in-house Harassment Training reference points. Supervisors receive additional instruction on their obligations and responsibilities with regard to preventing Harassment in the Workplace. Additionally, supervisors experience video scenarios that train them on how to handle individual situations they might encounter.

Compliance Reporting Made Easy

Upon completion of each chapter, Projections' Harassment training certifies that the employee has completed anti-Harassment training and that the company is fulfilling its responsibility by working to prevent all forms of Harassment in the workplace. A fully customized report can include:

  • Employee/Supervisor Name
  • Location
  • Badge/Employee ID
  • Chapter Completed
  • Completion Date
  • Additional Information

Plus, take advantage of our Update Alert—choose reporting that will alert you when learners are due for their 2-year reinforcement and anytime the program is updated to remain in compliance with new requirements.

Projections Harassment Training is unique, and has been trusted by hundreds of companies to provide them with the Harassment Training solution that consistently keeps their employees informed and aware, while continuing to protect the company year after year. Projections' Harassment training is a cost-effective solution for any company that seeks to deter inappropriate and even unlawful action by employees, and wishes to make a Title VII affirmative defense possible.

Harassment Video Training Resources

For companies unable to use eLearning to provide Harassment training, Projections also offers a 2-part Harassment Training on DVD. The first DVD, "Sexual Harassment Identified" will help employees understand different types of Harassment, and how their behavior may impact others. The Second DVD, "The Right Response," instructs your employees on how to handle harassment when they do encounter it.

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